What Do You Look For In A Classic Car?

Every single person who owns a classic car owns it for a reason.  Sometimes, one owner’s general reason will be the same as another’s, but more often than not, every owner will have at least one specific reason that makes them want to own their classic car.

An interesting thought that every vehicle we see in our storage for classic cars facility has been purchased for a different reason, in a way this links back to the blog post we published a few weeks ago around buying a classic car based on its history.

The reason we wanted to mention this today is because as spring appears to finally be here and summer is approaching, we’re seeing more classic cars on the roads and truly are interested to find out why you’ve decided to spend your hard earned money on a vehicle that could very easily be older than you.

So, what is the reason?

For us, a lot of the time it comes back to the simple fact that classic cars offer a better drive than their modern counterparts.  Sure, modern vehicles may be more efficient and perhaps more suitable in some instances, but there aren’t many that can compete with the driving experience a lot of classics offer.

If you’re of a certain age, it can be good to compare our thoughts to listening to music on vinyl, rather than on MP3.

There’s little doubt that when you download a song and put it on your iPod today, it’s crisper, cleaner and clearer.  You get to hear every single note that’s being played and there’s next to no chance of the song skipping.

But for many, it just doesn’t compare to listening to vinyl.  The sound from an LP is warmer and although it’s not as easy to move between songs or as quick to get the music playing, to us – and we know to so many others, too – vinyls just offer a better experience all round.

We’re not saying MP3s aren’t fantastic and we completely understand that there are plenty of people out there who although grew up with vinyl, no longer have a physical music collection.  It’s just for us, if we can listen to music on vinyl, we will.

And this is exactly the same with why, in our eyes, so many people choose to own classic cars.

They may have their downsides when compared to modern cars and plenty of people wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole, but we know for a fact that many more simply enjoy the whole experience they offer.

We really would love to hear why you have your classic cars, so please do feel free to leave a comment below and share your reasons for being a classic car owner (and tell us which classic cars it is you own, too!).