Welcome To The Classic Car Storage North East Blog!

At Classic Car Storage North East, we provide – as you may have already guessed! – secure car storage in the north east of England for classic vehicles.

Giving owners of classic cars a safe way to store their precious vehicles, in terms of both protection from the elements and aspects which could see their bodywork deteriorate (for example, our storage facility is condensation-free) and from any potential criminal activity  (in addition to being a condensation-free facility, it’s also heavily alarmed and well-covered by an extensive CCTV system), we’re delighted our services have met the needs of numerous classic car owners.

Further to the storage facility we provide, we also offer a range of maintenance services to ensure your vehicle leaves in exactly the same condition it entered storage – if not better!

For instance, we regularly maintain customers’ car batteries and tyres to ensure that you can drive your car to our storage facility and away again, irrelevant of whether you’ve left it in storage for 10 days or 10 years!

What’s more, we can arrange for your vehicle to be taken to a specific garage for regular servicing if you so wish.

Looking at the point of driving your car to our storage facility, you’re more than welcome to do so, but it’s not a necessity – we can easily arrange local, national and even international collection of your vehicle, meaning you can have your beloved car in storage without even having to leave your home.

But again, this is all optional and you’re also free to pick-up your vehicle as often as you want, as we can make it easily-available for regular collection.

No matter how long you leave your car with us for or how regularly you want to access it, as a family-run business, we have a huge focus on customer service and aim to ensure every single customer is as satisfied as they can possibly be with the service we provide.

And it’s for this reason why we’ve decided to setup our blog.

Talking to our customers is fantastic, but we want to reach out to our audience on a more regular basis.  We want to tell you all about Classic Car Storage North East, classic car news and offer a whole host of information to ensure you are able to truly enjoy your cherished vehicle for years to come.

Providing storage for cars that are timeless classics, we really do want all of our customers to be extremely satisfied with all aspects of our services – and the simple fact is, we strongly believe our blog will do nothing but ensure our already high customer satisfaction levels continue to increase.