We Might Charge For Classic Car Storage, But Our Advice Is Free

We love working in this industry.  As huge fans of classic cars, knowing that we can come into work every day and be surrounded by some of the most beautiful vehicles created is a dream come true!

Having gained a great reputation over the years as a secure car storage facility – a reputation we’re extremely proud of – we talk to a huge number of customers about a range of different topics regularly.

All generally linked in to classic cars, it really is a highlight in our day when we speak to the owners of the vehicles we’re storing, as they so often have the same passion and enthusiasm for classic cars as we do.

One of the topics we talk about most – somewhat obviously – is classic car storage and how to ensure that a vehicle remains in the best condition possible right throughout the year.

Offering as much advice and support as we possibly can, we draw on our years of experience and do our utmost to fully satisfy every customer we talk to.

What sometimes happens, however, is that customers are a little reserved at first.  They ask a few questions, but don’t want to get into any in-depth conversation or have us offering considerable amounts of advice, something we believe is due to the fact they think we’ll charge them for it.

The truth is that whilst we do charge for our storage facility, our advice is completely and utterly free.

To us, talking about classic cars and how to store them best isn’t a chore.  It’s a topic we genuinely enjoy discussing and so we’re more than happy to do so to whoever asks a question.

In fact, you might find we want to talk about it more than you do!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what the topic is, if you enjoy it that much, you’ll happily offer out as much advice as you possibly can.  You’ve spent years developing an extensive knowledge base, so why keep it all to yourself?

Plus, at Classic Car Storage North East, customer satisfaction really is extremely important to us and so if offering some hints and tips on how you can look after your vehicle is going to increase you satisfaction with us as an organisation, it’s time well spent.

Always happy to offer advice on classic car storage, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch.