The 5 Most Expensive Classic Cars Ever Sold

One of the key reasons why our classic car storage is so popular is that most enthusiasts know just how important it is to look after their car.

From the point of view that a well-maintained car is going to run perfectly through to the fact the better condition the car is in, the more it’s likely to sell for should they ever decide to pass it on, keeping your classic car in storage can help to make sure it’s always in the best condition it can be.

But no matter how much care and attention you give some cars, they just don’t increase in value that much.  They definitely run well and are a pleasure to own, but their value isn’t anything to write home about.

And then you see some classic cars that sell for sums only the rich and famous would appear to be able to afford, with these five being the most expensive classic cars sold to date.

1. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Built for legendary racing driver Stirling Moss, back in May of this year, the vehicle was sold privately to communications magnate Craig McGaw – for £21.5 million.

With only 39 of this model ever produced, they were always going to change hands for a considerable sum, but the fact this one was Stirling Moss’s made it all that more appealing.

2. 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa Prototype

The Testa Rossa is arguably Ferrari’s most famous range and it all started in 1957 with a stunningly beautiful prototype.

When it went to auction in August 2011, it was expected that it was going to a reach particularly substantial figure, but not many could have envisaged it would exceed the £9.9 million mark.

3.  1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Just over 20 over these cars were produced in the late 1950s, making it obvious that they were always going to be collectors’ items.

So when one went to auction in August 2011, the price tag of £4.9 million for such models should have been broken easily – and it was, as it sold for £7.6 million.

4. 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spezial Roadster

The only Mercedes-Benz on this list, the 540 K Spezial Roadster was originally built for the Prussian Royal Family and has always been of interest to classic car enthusiasts.

Going to auction in early 2012, it was sold for £7.30 million and ensured the new owner now has one of the most stylish cars ever produced.

5. 1960 Ferrari 250 GT California LWB Competizione Spider

Having everything you’d expect a sports car from the 1960s would have, the Ferrari 250 GT California LWB Competizione Spider is arguably the most beautiful car on this list.

Prized by its owners for many years, when it went to auction in August this year it sold for just under £7 million, something that was helped by the fact this model is only one of nine to have, amongst other aspects, an all-alloy body.

Whether you’re a huge fan of them or not, these classic cars made for perfect investments when they were first bought and whilst they’ll still have fetched an enviable sum if they hadn’t been in the same condition they were, it shows just how important storage for cars can be when you’re looking to truly get the most out of your classic car in every sense.

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