Is Investing In A Car That Could Be A Future Classic Worth It?

Can you remember the car your parents drove when you were in your early years, or even the one your Grandparents?

We recall our Grandfather driving a royal blue Mk1 Ford Escort, and even back then as young children we thought it was the best car we had ever been in.

But with most cars, the Escort eventually went out of fashion and nobody wanted them any more.

But for those of you that have either kept your Escort in good condition – maybe it has been in secure car storage for a number of years – or you have recently invested in one, then you couldn’t have done anything much better because now the cars from 20 or so years ago are now becoming the new classic cars.

The rise in value of the Mk1 Ford Escort, amongst other cars, has been huge and this is what makes it an ideal subject for investment and to give envy to any classic car enthusiasts.

If you find any classifieds from the late nineties you will see that the price for a Ford Escort since then is almost ten times as much now for the same type of Escort.

This sounds like a good investment to make.

One of the main things that drives people to invest in classic cars, or possible future classics, is the nostalgia from their youth when they used to see people cruising around in cars like a Ford Cortina or a Mk2 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

If you look into it, cars from the eighties and nineties prices are rising quite quickly, and this is because they are more reliable and better built than cars from earlier decades.

But you must take care when choosing the right classic for you; there are certain things that you need to take into account, such as the originality of the vehicle, the amount of owners it has had (which should be low) and it should also have low mileage.  And the sporty versions seem to be more appealing.

When you do find the car you want to invest in, are you going to place it into classic car storage or are you going to actually use it?

If you are worried about spoiling it if you drive it around then don’t be, as long as you take care; driving it will help to prevent parts from perishing and will stop the engine from seizing.

Also, when it is driven you will notice which parts need seeing to.  So don’t mollycoddle it, but be careful in your driving of it, then you will be able to enjoy your classic car for much longer.

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