Is Classic Car Storage Really Needed?

Every classic car owner we’ve met wants to do as much as they can to look after their vehicle.

What ‘as much as they can’ means obviously varies from car owner to car owner and some will have more time and money to invest, as well as more inclination to look after their cars than others, but generally speaking, all owners of classic vehicles have a desire to keep them looking and working their best.

A part of the process for everyone is regular maintenance.  Keep on top of the basics and as with any car, you shouldn’t have to invest a great deal into anything major.

Obviously things are a little different with classic cars, but the basic principle’s the same – the more you look after it regularly, the less trouble you should have in general.

What also plays a large role is how you store your vehicle.  Keep it outside in all weather and the simple fact is, it’s going to suffer.

What you have to remember is that the older a car is, the less technology was put into developing even seemingly simple things like the paint for its bodywork, which is why you see more old cars with faded paint.

And as a company offering secure car storage for classic vehicles,  we have a lot of knowledge and experience with this part of car maintenance, storing numerous different car owners’ vehicles on a regular basis.

But when it gets down to it, how important is classic car storage?  We all know that in an ideal world, a car should be kept indoors when not being used, but is it an actual necessity to use a car storage facility such as ours?

And the truth is, it really does depend on how much you value your car and how much care and attention you want to give it.

In theory, all vehicles could be left outside, no matter whether it’s pouring down with rain or it’s glorious sunshine.  However, as we said above, a car that’s left exposed to the elements will see more of a negative impact in various respects, such as with faded paint.

To some, this won’t really be that important to them.  A bit of faded paint on the bonnet, some rust around the arches – it’s all part and parcel of owning a classic car.

To many others, however, it’s a sign that they’re not giving their cherished vehicle the attention it deserves.  They’ve potentially invested a large sum of money into owning it and as soon as something that could have easily been prevented happens, it frustrates and upsets them.

For these people, classic car storage isn’t an option, but a necessity.

And so just by discussing storage on this level, you begin to see how, for many owners, it’s a vital part of classic car ownership.  It ensures that no unnecessary damage is caused to their vehicle, thus impacting negatively on everything from how it looks to how it operates.

At Classic Car Storage North East, we’re not into the hard sell when it comes to our storage services.  We know some people will want to put their car in storage and others won’t and all we can say is that whilst car storage may not be a set requirement of having a classic car, for plenty of owners, they couldn’t imagine owning a vehicle and not storing it properly.