How Would You Like To Receive A Classic Batmobile For Christmas?

Now that it is almost December, your Christmas shopping should be well under way; if it isn’t, then you should probably get started right away.

We have been having many discussions like this with various people over the past few weeks, and these people have given us many different responses to their Christmas present dramas.

So we decided we would come up with some top (and probably unrealistic!) presents we would like to receive on the 25th December.

We actually looked into it very deeply, with classic cars being very much in our thoughts, and top of the list was the original Batmobile from the sixties TV show.

We found a street-legal car that is identical to the one that was driven by Adam West when he was portraying the Caped Crusader; minus the firing machine guns from the side (for obvious reasons).

You can order one from a place in America and it will take approximately one year to produce, so if you get your order in now then it will be ready for next Christmas – but it’ll be totally worth the year-long wait.

Oh, and you’ll need to find around £125,000 to fund the present.  And we don’t mind if it is the only present we receive either!

We’ll be honest, if we were to receive the Batmobile next Christmas, we would probably sacrifice any more presents for the remainder of our lives.

This authentic 1966 Batmobile is completely legal to be driven on the roads – imagine driving around in this, literally everyone would stop to take a look at you and your car.  It sends shivers down our spines.

It also includes a rear-mounted propane tank that shoots flames out of the back to mimic the original car’s flaming jet exhaust.

The real Batmobile from the TV series was sold at auction this year by George Barris, who has owned the car since it was made back in 1965.  He sold the car for a whopping £2.5 million.

Doesn’t that just put in to perspective how this Batmobile we want is worth the money?

That might be stretching the truth a bit, but we would do anything to be sat in their driving around and feeling like we were Batman, before driving it to our very own Batcave (otherwise known as our secure car storage).

If any of you readers receive a Batmobile for Christmas, let us know as soon as you can and we will come over for a drive!

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