Have Footman James Brought Classic Car Ownership To A Whole New Generation?

As you might expect, we have some particularly interesting conversations about classic cars as a popular secure car storage facility.

Ranging from general chats about classic brands to in-depth discussions about certain engines, more often than not, the conversations we have are with car owners who are at least in their 30s or 40s.

And when you think about the classic car industry in general, you’re likely to believe the average age of a car owner is somewhere in the range of 55 to 65 years old.

Completely understandable, it’s people of this age who have several decades worth of driving experience under their belt, have developed an extensive knowledge of cars and have come to appreciate just how fantastic some models can be.

Whilst this isn’t to say younger generations don’t have the same levels of appreciation, the fact classic cars can be expensive to buy and maintain – as well as sometimes near impossible to insurer if you’re an inexperienced driver – doesn’t make them a viable option for many younger classic car enthusiasts.

However, specialist insurer Footman James recently announced they’re to help with the latter point by offering classic car insurance policies to 17 to 23 year olds.

The way they’re doing this is by taking measures to greatly reduce the risk associated with such insurance. ¬†Generally speaking, this means ensuring each young classic car owner meets a set of criteria, which includes:

  • Being a member of a pre-selected enthusiasts’ club
  • Insuring a car that was manufactured before 1985
  • Not using the classic car as their primary vehicle
  • Keeping the amount of mileage covered per year to under 5,000 miles

Whilst this is interesting in itself – and undoubtedly pleasing for younger classic car enthusiasts to hear – what’s also interesting to note is that they’ll insure drivers who have one non-fault claim or a minor conviction.

Although this may furrow the brows of some, it’s pleasing to the younger drivers in the sense that they aren’t going to be penalised either because of an incident that wasn’t their fault or because of something irresponsible they did previously whilst driving, but which they’ve since learnt from.

We’re certain that some classic car enthusiasts won’t welcome this move, but we know so many others will and the simple fact is, to keep the classic car industry alive and kicking, we need to continually breathe new life into it, something Footman James are trying to do fantastically.

Looking forward to speaking to younger classic car owners in the future, although we do understand some enthusiasts may not welcome the move as warmly as others, as a¬†classic car storage company, we’re certain it’s nothing other than a move in the right direction for the industry.