GTAV – Making Classic Cars Popular With Younger Generations?

Whether you’re a fan of the GTA computer game series – or even computer games in general – it’s hard to get away from the fact it’s one of the most hotly discussed topics of the moment.

Generating over £500 million in a matter of hours, it may be a game that’s particularly controversial, but it’s one that’s had an impact on a variety of different aspects of life – and today we want to look at its effect on the popularity of classic cars.

Whilst the game’s main focus isn’t on the vehicles, they do play a large role in its enjoyment.  Allowing you to get around in everything from a golf cart through to an aeroplane, you can sample a vast array of vehicles to help you throughout the game.

But as insignificant as they may be (in the majority of instances, they’re just their to get you from A to B), there has always been a huge fan following with them and people have come to expect bigger and better things from the in-game cars.

What’s more, there is sometimes a certain level of nostalgia around them, as people reminisce of the cars they would drive in older versions of the game – and this is where we’re wondering how much of an impact the game is having on the popularity of classic cars in the ‘real world’, particularly with the younger generations.

Driving a car has always been a fantastic experience and although cars have developed extensively over the years, many would agree a lot of older cars handle – and drive – better than their newer counterparts.

But with younger generations often ignoring the classic car market for the ‘latest thing’, they’re missing out on the wonders that previously were.

However, with the nostalgia that’s aroused with the likes of GTAV, it may seem a little farfetched to some, but we would be interested to see if there’s a correlation between the release of these games and any increase in the popularity of classic cars in the following months.

Whether there’s a link there or not, it may just be our positive thinking than anything else, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there was – not only is the reach of GTAV so considerable, but we know that as soon as someone gets even remotely involved with classic cars, it’s difficult to move away and break what can undoubtedly be a particularly fantastic hobby (or habit!).

Image:  dekuwa (Flickr)