Cars Destined To Be Classics In Twenty Years

If you could see into the future, say twenty years, and see which cars were going to be considered as classics in that time and your car was going to be in that class, would it make you happy?

You would probably think about taking better care of your car, maybe begin to put it in secure car storage so that it doesn’t lose too much value.

Just taking that little bit of extra care could make all the difference when it comes to the time it is considered to be a classic, especially if you are going to put it up for sale and are hoping for as much money as possible.

So, here we go with a list of cars that are destined to be classics in twenty years; fingers crossed you own one of these cars – if you do then make sure you have it in some form of storage for cars during these winter months.

Audi RS 5

There is simply no denying that this car is a beautiful piece of machinery, and it has enough power to run a number of cars!

This car is no slouch; it has a 4.2 litre V8 engine that gives out 414 horsepower, and with Audi’s magnificent all-wheel-drive system thrown in it really is the complete package.

Mini John Cooper Works GP

The Mini brand has been around for many a year now, and we think it will continue to strengthen as a classic.

With 211 horsepower and a top speed of 150mph, this Cooper is the fastest in their history and only 500 were to be sold in the USA, which adds to the exclusivity of it.

Volkswagen GTI

Arguably one of the most successful compact sports cars in the world, the GTI has come a long way since it was released more than 30 years ago.

Now with a 200-horsepower engine and a fresh design, the GTI carries on its recipe of being fun, cool and also very practical in it’s price.

Ford Focus ST

As with the Volkswagen GTI, the Focus ST comes at a very practical price, which is incredible seeing as it has 250 horsepower and tops 150mph.

When the Ford Focus was originally released in 2000, there were different versions for the USA and the UK, and it wasn’t until 2012 when the USA received the same as us, which they had been clamouring for since the original release date twelve years earlier.

If you do happen to own one of these cars, and you are a big fan of classic cars, then we suggest you do all you can to keep the car in the best possible condition so that it reaches the time when it will be known as a classic car; using secure car storage is the way to do this.

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