Can You Have A Quality Classic Car Storage Facility At Home?

As our name suggests, our primary offering as a company is classic car storage.  Based in the North East of England, we look to provide a service to classic car owners that allows them to feel confident their vehicles are going to be stored in the best environment possible.

Having been established for a number of years, we work with both new and returning customers alike, something we attribute to the high quality of our storage facility – people who’ve used us once understand fully that their vehicle will be stored in an ideal environment, whilst new customers have so often been referred to us based on great experiences had by others.

But whilst our storage facility is undoubtedly our key offering and we truly enjoy seeing an increasing number of people storing their cars with us, we do have a fantastic knowledge of classic car storage in general and regularly talk about it to our customers.

And one point we so often discuss is the ability to have a classic car storage facility at home – or more accurately, if it’s possible to have a quality and suitable car storage facility at home.

On the highest of levels, the answer is yes, it is undoubtedly possible.  Just like we’ve developed the facility for numerous vehicles, there’s no reason why you can’t recreate it on a smaller level for just one or two cars.

You don’t even have to build a new building, either, as most brick garages can be converted to ideal storage areas for classic cars.

But whilst it is possible, that doesn’t mean it’s advisable.

For example, although you may have the space available (whether that’s a garage or a sufficient area in your garden), the cost aspect could prove to be prohibitive – even if we just look at the fact the facility should be condensation-free, the equipment to ensure this is the case the year round could cost more than many would be willing to pay out for.

Security, too – and not just for your vehicle.  Sure, your car might be worth several thousand pounds and have almost irreplaceable aspects, meaning you’re going to want to keep it safe and secure, but you’ve also got to take into account the various pieces of equipment within your facility, too, which could easily increase the value of the property drastically.

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to creating a classic car storage facility at home, that reading up on it is sometimes enough to put people off proceeding with their idea further.

However, we’re always happy to talk about such topics – advising on a genuinely impartial basis – and so if you have any questions about how to store your classic car in the best way possible at home, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us.