6 Steps To Ensure You Are Covered If You Damage Your Classic Car, Part 1

No matter how many times you plan on taking your vehicle out of it’s classic car storage, whether it is once a week or once a month, you can never be sure that it will never be involved in an accident that will cause it some damage.

But unlike modern cars, your classic car needs its own unique insurance and then if it is damaged it will require its own specialist repair work to be carried out.

Follow these steps to make sure you have done everything possible to ensure you are not losing out too much if it comes to you crashing or damaging your classic car whilst it is out of secure car storage.

1.  Have the right insurance policy for your classic car

The first thing you need to do when you purchase that classic car of your dreams is to buy a relevant insurance policy to cover it.

To do this it is best to work with an insurance company that specialise in classic cars and have a good level of experience in the area.

Classic car insurance is typically less expensive than regular insurance, but it’s still important to make sure you understand your choices.

You may face restrictions on the drivers that are allowed to operate the car, the number of miles you can drive each year, and the conditions under which you have to store the vehicle.

2.  Remain calm if you are in an accident

It is easy to lose your cool if you are involved in a car accident whilst driving your classic, especially if it is someone else’s fault.  And even more so that it might be the first time you’ve had your classic out of its secure car storage for a month or so.

But, regardless of whose fault it is, you need to remember that even the most unique classic car can be repaired.

If it is a big accident that involves injury to someone or causes a blockage on the road, then the emergency services must be contacted as soon as possible.

If it is just a minor collision that just requires the exchange of personal and insurance details, then you can get on your way home to contact your insurance company.

3.  Contact your insurance company

If you’ve been in a collision, you need to contact your insurance agent immediately.

If you’ve already come to an agreement with the company on the proper valuation of your classic car, and it’s adequately insured, you should have no problems getting it repaired.

Even if the other driver was at fault, it’s always a good idea to let your insurance company know what’s going on.  Insurance can be a complicated matter, so it’s best to never leave anything to chance.

These are the first three steps you should be taking when it concerns damage to your classic car.  We will be posting three more steps in the future for you to read up on, but hopefully you will never have to use these tips.

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