6 Steps To Caring Properly For Your Classic Car

All vehicles – whether classic or not – need the right kind of care and maintenance to ensure they stay at the top of their ability for as long as possible.

From classic car storage to insurance policies, all cars need the same things.

The only way you can look after your car in the right manner is if you have all the information that assists you in doing the correct things.

Here, we will give you six fantastic tips on how best to care for and maintain your car, classic or not.

1.  Don’t park underneath trees

Which is the first part of your car that people see?  It is definitely the exterior, so you need to do all you can to keep it bright and shiny looking.

Bird droppings contain an element of acid, which can deteriorate the look of your paintwork, so if you park below a tree it is likely your classic could end up covered in bird droppings, which would have an adverse effect on the look of your car.

2.  Store your car in a garage

It is always a good idea to have a secure car storage facility for your vehicle, especially if you own a classic car.

Not only will this give you peace of mind that your car is safe at all times when not in use, but it will also work in your benefit when it comes to getting a cheaper insurance quote / policy, which leads on to our next point.

3.  Get an insurance policy

You should always have a form of vehicle insurance, it is illegal to not have any.  Spare parts for classic cars are usually quite expensive, so having an insurance policy will help you if it ever happens that your car needs repairing or maintenance work.

4.  Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools

These may work well to clean other things, and yes, they may give your car a good clean; but these are not meant to be used on any vehicle.

These are hard and rough and will scratch your paintwork and cause damage to it.  Definitely a no.

5.  Get it checked-over regularly

Prevention will always be better than cure, it’s a fact.

Take your classic car to your local mechanic on regular occasions to ensure everything is running and working smoothly.  This will help to prevent any possible future damage and help you save money on repairs.

6.  Drive it

Your classic car is just that, a car.  It was made to be driven on the roads, not to be cooped up in secure car storage for you to admire and look at.

Get it out on the roads, enjoy the brilliance of your classic!

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