5 Classic Cars You Can Pick Up At Bargain Prices

We provide secure car storage for a vast array of different classic cars at Classic Car Storage North East.

Having seen a huge number of different makes and models over the years, the majority of the cars we store, most will agree, are obvious classics and have a very respectable price tag to go with them.

There are some, however, that aren’t as obvious.  Cars which may not be considered classic at this moment in time (if ever!), but which their owners have either a view to the future or a special place in their heart for.

Generally speaking, these cars don’t cost a great deal, but could obviously make for a fantastic investment for the future – and after carrying out some research, we’ve compiled a list of five cars that you can pick up for an absolute steal and which are only likely to increase in value considerably over the coming years.

1.  Mercedes-Benz 190

With 1.8 million going into production for a decade from 1982, the Mercedes 190 was a particularly popular car.

Sleek, compact and essentially a lot less ‘chunky’ than many other previous Mercedes, hundreds of millions of pounds were spent researching the market before the 190 went into production and it shows – over 20 years later, you can pick certain models up for under £1,000, yet they’re still fantastic cars that are once again beginning to increase in popularity.

2.   Lotus Esprit

OK, so you may not think that this car is that unusual when talking about classic cars.  Absolutely stunning and made ever-popular in the 1977 James Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, what makes the Lotus Esprit worthy of a place here is that you can often buy one for under £7,000.

Less than the price of most new cars, the Esprit is one of those classic vehicles that is teetering on the edge of rocketing in value.

Absolutely iconic in shape and with the first generation having a particularly powerful 2 litre engine, turning heads wherever you go will become the norm, all for well under half the price of a new Ford Mondeo.

3.  Saab 900

A particularly popular car in the UK, the Saab 900 was first introduced to the market in 1979 and a huge amount of the population fell in love with it instantly.

Unique looks, unusual styling and great reliability, it’s a fantastic car that’s only bound to see a surge in popularity in the future.

And you can find them for under £1,000.  They really are an absolute bargain.

4.  BMW 6 Series (E24)

The first car in the 6 series range which is now a hugely popular model range for BMW, the E24 has everything you’d ever want in a vehicle.

Style, speed, space (considering it’s only a 2-door coupe).  It truly looks as though BMW put everything into it before it went into production in 1976.

Able to find some models for around the £2,000 mark, it’s highly unlikely that this car will decrease in value and the sheer beauty of it should make it a real classic for the future.

5.  Porsche 944

Mention the brand Porsche to most people – car enthusiast or not – and chances are they’ll think of the 911 first and foremost.  They may not know its name, but the 911 has become synonymous with Porsche.

However, they’ve made a number of other beautiful cars over the years and the 944, which was in production between 1982 and 1991, is a perfect example.

Looking particularly modern considering it was built during the decade where styles for everything were often more than a little eccentric, it’s fast, sexy and with secondhand prices starting at under £1,500, it’s widely affordable, too.

In many ways, every car has the ability to become a classic and it’s often more about their popularity at the time they’re being manufactured than anything else.

However, as we’ve shown by these five cars, there are some absolute steals to be had and you simply have to ensure you utilise the most suitable classic car storage facility to keep the vehicle in the best condition possible over the coming years.