5 Classic Cars We’d Like To See Again From The 70’s

We have always dreamed that one day we would wake up either back in the 1970’s when they had some of the most amazing classic cars we have ever seen, or that these cars were still able to be bought now in top notch, modern day condition.

But, unfortunately, neither will ever happen; they will remain dreams forever.

The only thing we can do is to talk about the cars we wish we could have, drive, take care of and safely put them in secure car storage during the winter months.

Anyway, here we go with some of the cars from the 1970’s we want to see, with no changes whatsoever, back on the roads of the 21st century.

Dodge Challenger HEMI

Some cars just had a type of car that they were known for; Ford had the Mustang and Chevy had the Camaro.  Well the Challenger was the Dodge’s version of them.

Still loved so much that it’s body shape was used as inspiration for the current Dodge Challenger, which made it’s comeback in 2008, after being out of action for 25 years.

Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

This car was at the forefront of the V12 Lambo and mid-engined supercar curves.

Fun fact:  SV stands for ‘Spinto Veloce’ which is roughly translated to ‘pushed fast’.

Buick GSX

Widely marketed as ‘a brand new brand of Buick’, the GSX sometimes found itself lost in the muscle car scene when surrounded by the likes of Dodge and Chevy, but it still managed to be one of the finest cars around.

They were introduced in 1970, when only 678 cars were made in the first year.

Datsun 240Z

This car completely changed the perception of sports cars produced in Japan.  Attractive to look at, with speed to burn, this car was actually faster than the Porsche 911 and the Jaguar E-Type that were released in the same year.

Some accolade for the Datsun.

Lamborghini Countach

With the 1974 model Countach, Lamborghini created a car that nobody would have ever even thought of.  The Countach was slicing, blocky, sleek, and bold all at the same time.

To this day, it’s not only considered one of the greatest supercars ever built, but one of the best cars ever produced.

Wow, what else can we say.  These cars really are truly amazing pieces of work.

What we would give to have them in classic car storage for the winter months that are here.  It would fill us with so much pride to get them out in the spring and go for a drive!

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