3 Ways To Find The Parts You Need For Your Classic Car

Over the years we’ve seen vehicles enter our secure car storage facility in a vast array of different conditions.

Some appear to have been bought when they first rolled off the production line and continually waxed and polished, whilst others are deteriorating and in need of, at the very least, some minor repairs.

Although it can obviously take a lot of time and effort to keep a car looking its best, it’s the repairs that can so often prove problematic – the older a car gets, the more difficult it can be to source parts.

You can of course use alternatives, but when you’re trying to rebuild a car to its former glory, wherever possible you want to use genuine parts.

And whilst they may not be easy to come by in some instances, it’s very rarely an impossibility; you simply need to know where to look – and these three ways should help you get the part you need, whatever it may be.

1.  Join the owners’ club

Your first port of call should always be your car’s owners’ club, as more often than not they hold – or have access to – an extensive range of parts, more so than you’re likely to realise.

With the clubs full of members who genuinely adore not just their own car, but every other car that rolled off the same production line, if you’ve ever been to an event like the Classic Car Show at Birmingham’s NEC and spoken to some of the clubs’ owners, you’ll realise just how fantastically knowledgeable – and helpful – they are.

2.  Attend autojumbles

If you’re a classic car enthusiast and haven’t attended an autojumble in the past, you’re in for a treat when you do.

Simply put, they’re full of stalls selling everything related to classic cars you can imagine, right from specific engine parts through to bumper stickers.

Although we wouldn’t like to say for certain that you’ll be able to find the part you need for your vehicle, we are confident in saying that if someone at an autojumble you attend doesn’t have it, they’ll be able to put you in touch with someone who will.

3.  Search auctions

Whether it’s eBay or a local event, auctions can be a great way to find a part for any vehicle, no matter how specific your requirements.

What we would say is that don’t necessarily give up your search if you can’t find the part initially – search for the car rather than the part and you’ll often find a vehicle that’s being sold for parts as it’s irreparable, meaning you might be able to pick up a number of parts in one go at an absolute bargain price.

Offering storage for cars of the classic variety, we really do understand how difficult it can be ensuring they always look and work their best.  Whilst we can without doubt help with the former, it often takes a bit of digging around to find certain parts to help with the latter – but with enough determination, you should be able to find exactly what it is you’re looking for.