Classic Car Storage And The Hidden Gems That Are Sometimes Found

Classic cars are stored in various ways right around the world.

Some people choose to keep their cars in their own garages, whilst many more use secure car storage facilities such as that which we offer.

One thing we pride ourselves on – like any other similar facility should – is that we know exactly which cars we’re storing, where they’re located and a whole host of other information.

Although this might seem relatively standard to some, having such information can be rarer than you think and there are actually a number of instances where not just has this information been lost, but the cars that have been in storage have been completely forgotten about.

Take this piece in the Daily Mail from last June as an example.

After a poultry farm was sold and barns were being cleared out, a 1941 Morris Z Type-2 former Post Office van was found, one of only 146 ever produced.

In a complete and utter state of disrepair, it was displaying a tax disc from 1962, showing it was last used 50 years ago and most likely put into the barn for storage, never to be driven again.

Whilst this story is without doubt fascinating, it’s not by any means a one-off or even unusual – such discoveries are made relatively regularly, often by people who have inherited properties or who purchase land with several buildings that have not been used for many years.

But what is slightly unusual is to come across an entire collection of cars in one location that haven’t been touched – or even seen the light of day – in such a long time that every car is covered in a thick layer of dust.

And this is exactly what happened in 2007, when a photographer published images online of a barn full of cars accumulated during the 1970s and 1980s – around 180 of them, to be more specific.

Dating from the 1930s onwards, the barn had cars from all around the world, ranging from an Alfa GTV through to a Volvo PV444 and included several American sedans.

Although numerous stories circulated online upon the pictures being published, it was actually discovered that the cars weren’t forgotten about, but were stored in a barn – with the doors soldered shut – by a collector who simply couldn’t fit any more in.

We have always done our utmost to offer the best classic car storage we possibly can.  Providing a safe and secure environment for any classic vehicle, whilst many cars around the world are stored, forgotten about and ultimately left to rust, you can be confident that whether you store your car with us for 10 days or 10 years, it will drive away in exactly the same condition it was drove in.