4 Quick Things To Do To Stop Your Classic Car Suffering In Storage Over Winter

Back in January, we talked about five quick tips you can utilise to ensure your classic car stays in the best condition possible during the winter period if you’re keeping it at home.

All helping to ensure your vehicle doesn’t succumb to any of the conditions of the colder months of the year, the five tips we provided only scratched the surface.

And whilst we’ll always recommend that you consider classic car storage should you want to feel confident that your vehicle will be stored in the most beneficial environment possible, there are a number of ‘quick fixes’ you can do if storing your car at home during the winter, with these four being prime examples.

1.  Roll down your windows for ventilation

When you’ve got your car stored and covered in your garage, although it will protect it from the elements, it can have a negative effect on various other aspects.

For example, if you keep your windows rolled up, there is no chance of fresh air getting into the vehicle – and an unventilated vehicle could present you with a whole array of issues after even just a few weeks in storage.

2.  Place opened boxes of baking soda in the car to draw the moisture out of the air

One things that affects most stored vehicles in standard environments is moisture.  We’ve all seen how it can have an effect on things outside of classic car storage (condensation on your windows at home and the subsequent mould that can develop is a perfect example) and it can be concerning knowing the damage it could potentially have on your classic car.

Whilst winding the windows down will help, another trick is to place opened boxes of baking soda around the vehicle, as they’re fantastic at absorbing any unnecessary moisture from the air (they basically work as mini dehumidifiers).

3. Put a plastic bag over the carburetter to keep moisture out

If you truly want to look after your vehicle and ensure it runs smoothly come spring, placing a plastic carrier bag over the carburetter will do wonders to ensure it isn’t affected by moisture.

A lot easier than you might first believe, even if you’re not a particularly mechanically minded individual, this step might be unnecessary for many modern cars, but older vehicles will definitely benefit from the protection.

4. Put an old rag up the exhaust to keep vermin out

Arguably the quickest and simplest point on this list, vermin of all kinds can cause a whole array of issues to anything in storage.

Whilst measures should be taken in general to deter vermin from entering your garage, placing a rag firmly into your vehicle’s exhaust should ensure that at the very least, nothing nests within your classic car.

Utilising specialist secure car storage for any classic vehicle is always recommended, particularly if you’re unsure whether you can truly give your car the care and attention it needs when not in use.

Always happy to talk about our services further, if you have any questions about storing your car with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.